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Hygge is a Danish word which has no exact lexical meaning to English, but the closest is “cosiness”.  However, this word for the Danes is much more complex than that.  It involves the environment around you and the feelings you have towards them.  It relates to all your physical senses and emotional one too:  warmth, fulfillness, closeness, relaxing, and may be sincereness.  Therefore, it is difficult to explain but the best way is just simply to experience it.

This complexity of the human languages such as the name of Hygge, reflects what our concepts are.  Our concepts are not linear or direct expressions of a single idea or style or trend.  They are the mixture of different aspects of our believes and passions.  Therefore, it is as what the word “Hygge” means for the Danes, which ones can understand only by their own experience, we suggest people to see, feel, and then “sink in” to our works of Hygge.

First of all, our passion with woods is the strongest in our concepts of our design, therefore, our works utilize woods as our major raw material.  With our understand of woods of different species on their properties, availabilities, and their effects on different surrounding, we can choose the proper wood, with the proper techniques to produce it, we can make the beautiful products for “wood lover” people.  We always seek new ways to use the same wood species to make better, different looks, drastic change of expectation, etc.We also use different wood species in special ways so that it can reflect its beauty or its uniqeness.

Secondly, simplicity in the look of the furniture is our target.  We think that the world now is overflown with mass, gimmick, unnecessary products filling up every aspect of our life.  News and information, music, fashion, and many others media driven products  bombard us every second.  It is time to have a simple looking, straight forward but elegant object to enlight your pure spirit.  Scandinavian or Japanese designs on wood are our role model and guideline, together with our originality, we create ours.

Thirdly, functionality of the products must be achieved.  Our works must be able to appreciated through the looks, feeling proud of, and most importantly, using it as it was designed for.

Through our details in designing processes considering the originality and creativity of our designers on the use of woods together with our craftsmanship on production, we finally create the simple looking with elegant timeless piece of furniture.